Alma de Agave Tequila

Alma de Agave TequilaAlma de Agave (“The soul of agave”) is produced with the finest blue Weber agave, cultivated from the shores of Lake Chapala, a region of Mexico known for the quality of its maguey plants, rich in minerals with a unique and distinct character. Our natural fermentation results in a purer and longer process without the use of any enhancers, chemicals or artificial coloring to expedite our fermentation. We carefully analyze each plant, making sure they are at optimum maturity and free of pesticides with perfect sugar levels.
We take pride in using only pure ingredients. Alma is a slowly double-distilled tequila, rich in body and flavor, yet ultra smooth. To this day, our agave is traditionally cooked in original brick and stone ovens, blended with purified mineral water using reverse osmosis to remove any impurities, and our aged tequilas are matured in Canadian oak barrels.
Alma is a true work of art. Its original rectangle shape is striking and eyecatching, bottled in hand-molded glass blown by true artisans who craft each individual bottle, embossed with our brand’s name and a heart, paying homage to our land, and is topped with a 100% Caoba wood stopper.

Alma de Agave Tequila Blanco

SKU: 643700
Case configuration: 6x750mL

Alma De Agave Silver is tenderly aged for thirty to fifty days, maintaining its pure and natural structure and slightly softening its sharp taste to a fruity fresh flavor. Diamond brilliance with a light tint of straw, with aromas of roasted agave, hints of cinnamon and orange peel with undertones of grapefruit and ginger. Delicate jasmine notes, rounded by pineapple and grapefruit zest on the palate, finishing with lingering hints of agave, honey, and maple.


Alma de Agave Tequila Reposado

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Case configuration: 6x750mL

Alma De Agave Reposado is a six month aged tequila matured in naturally treated oak barrels giving it pure and rich agave flavor. Pale straw with bright, golden highlights, with notes of wood and agave and hints of coconut and vanilla on the nose. On the palate, caramelized orange zest and a smooth, soft vanilla finish.


Alma de Agave Tequila Añejo

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Case configuration: 6x750mL

Alma De Agave Añejo is the perfect delight for the vintage tequila lover. It is matured in oak barrels for eighteen months. Dark amber with golden highlights, aromas of grilled pepper and oak with slight touches of citrus and cacao. Flavours of toasted coconut and cloves, finishing with hints of chocolate.

Awards: Tasting Panel Magazine: 95 points – Spicy brown sugared chestnuts make way for a beam of agave pungency and an unmasked cup of lime, peppermint, cucumber and pomegranate. A peppered finish is smooth and satisfying.


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