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Onilikan is an artisanal distillery in Mazatlan, Sinaloa producing a range of fruit aguardientes in the traditions of Western European eaux de vie and liqueurs. The spirits are carefully fermented, and distilled using a Mueller Aroma pot still imported from Germany. The liqueurs are made by adding back fruit to the distilled spirit, macerating for 4-7 days, and pressing via traditional fruit press. Released in North America in February 2012.


Onilikan Aguardiente de AgaveOnilikan Aguardiente de Agave

SKU: 203984

Our Aguardiente de Agave is made from 100% southern Sinaloa blue agave, distilled to capture all the rich flavor of the heart of the agave to produce a crisp spirit with a bold taste. 40% ABV.

“On the nose, there are fresh vegetal aromas of mild cut grass, raw agave, and a slight hint of green bell pepper, with secondary notes of eucalyptus, rose, and white pepper.  On the palate, the spirit is dry, presenting with intense flavors of white pepper and anise.  Rounding out the flavors are hints of tobacco leaf and fresh agave, with the right balance of bitterness. On the multi-faceted finish, an initial medium agave burn ultimately grows to a strong crescendo, then tapers off.”

Onilikan Aguardiente de AgaveOnilikan Licor de Agave

SKU: 203976

Our Licor de Agave is made from oven-baked blue agaves macerated in our  100% blue agave Aguardiente. 24% ABV.

“Intense aromas of cooked agave are instantly recognizable, with a range of accents of caramelized apple, cinnamon, molasses and hints of cooked sweet potatoes, vanilla, and butterscotch.  Flavors of baked agave, caramelized sugar, and vanilla bean, with additional hints of smoke, browned butter, cinnamon, clove, and pumpkin pie spice are all present on the palate.  A tiny hint of bitterness counteracts the spirit’s luscious sweetness and provides some balance.“

Onilikan Aguardiente de MangoOnilikan Aguardiente de Mango

SKU: 203950

Made from 100% fresh Sinaloan-grown mangos patiently fermented, then distilled using our Mueller pot still capturing the unique flavors so characteristic of this tropical fruit. 16 mangos in every bottle! 40% ABV.

“Instantly recognizable notes of green mango are present, with hints of orange blossom, white peach, ripe pear, melon, and passionfruit. Intense flavors of green fruit, stone fruits including apricot and peach, tropical fruit including mango, guava, and melon, and hints of anise and white pepper.  A substantial mouthfeel, and a pleasant finish of ripe mango and white pepper.”



Onilikan Licor de Mango

Onilikan Licor de Mango

SKU: 203992

The best quality fresh mango pulp is patiently macerated in  our Mango Aguardiente to create our Licor de Mango. Enjoy Onilikan Licor de Mango on its own at room temperature or chilled, or as an ingredient in unique cocktails, or to infuse cuisine with a tropical touch. 24% ABV.

“Light aromas of mango peel, green vegetables including bell pepper, mild hay, wet tobacco leaves, green wood, and herbal notes of eucalyptus are present on the nose.  Strikingly different are the lusciously sweet flavors of green fruits, ripe mango, mild notes of strawberry, banana, and other tropical fruits, with an additional hint of tobacco leaf.”

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