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Siembra Azul (Blue Harvest) is a small-batch, artisanal, premium tequila made from 100% of the finest blue agave, grown & produced in the town of Arandas, in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. It is a kosher & double distilled spirit of unparalleled quality. Siembra Azul is the result of a meticulously monitored production process which is supervised by a carefully assembled team of expert tequila connoisseurs. Leading this team is David Suro-Piñera whose lifelong quest for the highest quality tequila propelled him to create Siembra Azul. Siembra Azul's trademark, "The Future of Tradition," is Suro-Piñera's mission. He travels throughout the U.S. and Europe conducting seminars on the history, traditions, terroir distinctions and varying flavor profiles of tequila for consumers as well as the spirits and hospitality industries. His intent is to create transparency in tequila production and educate the drinking community about tequila so it can finally be accepted as one of the most complex spirits in the world.

Siembra Valles Tequila is produced in El Arenal, Jalisco, in the volcanic, mineral-rich Valles de Tequila – the Valley of Tequila. We have partnered with the Rosales family of Distileria Cascahuin, NOM 1123, to offer an artisanal Valley tequila focused on The Future of Tradition.
Tequilas from the Valles, overall, have themes of minerality, notes of pepper, and are more robust. Siembra Valles starts with a silky texture on the palette. Immediately, strong and sweet aromas of cooked agave rise to the nose, ranging from citrus to earthy – a reflection of the use of bagasse in fermentation – just as mezcal producers do. One can taste the earth of Arenal, and the masonry of Cascahuin's ovens. We also glass age Siembra Valles in Garrafones (Demijohns) to mature into a stunning masterpiece – a traditional process that allows the flavor compounds to stabilize so that all elements can be presented on the palate.
Why Bagasse?
When you ferment with bagasse more sugars and other flavorful elements contribute to the chemical reactions that happen during fermentation. Most tequila producers do not ferment with bagasse. All of the mosto for Siembra Valles is fermented with bagasse.

Siembra Valles Blanco

SKU BC: 510388
SKU AB: 777772
Case configuration: 12x750mL

This spirit coats your mouth with dry spices, dates, figs, the buttery aroma of orange blossoms, flowers and copper notes straight from the still. These flavors, beginning in the mid and upper palette, distinguish the plants used, the natural fields they come from and the valley surrounding them. The approachable, subtle presence of alcohol is surprising, given the 80 proof. The finish is dry, elegant, and complex; reminiscent of jasmine and lime peel. Once the glass is empty, smell the strong cooked agave and butter scents left.

Siembra Azul Reposado 10 Year Anniversary

SKU BC: 428037
SKU AB: 777771
Case configuration: 12x750mL

Siembra Azul celebrates a decade of excellence with the Suro Special Anniversary Edition Reposado. It is a careful blend selected by our Master Distiller Sergio Cruz. The velvet-like texture, spices, and floral notes of agave are worthy of celebration.
This Special Edition Reposado is a celebration of 10 years producing tequila in the Jalisco Highlands. Over this time at NOM 1414, we have accumulated a stunning variety of rested and aged tequilas. Our stocks of proprietary oak barrels present the opportunity to prepare a superior blend for our loyal customers in an affordable manner. We’re blending our stocks of Extra Añejo, we’re calling the result a Reposado, and giving it to you! Regardless of age, ambiguous regulation allows tequila to be identified as a less aged category than it is, but not a more aged category. The truth is, our consumer niche prefers the pure expressions of agave that Siembra Azul has been known for. Our aging practices ensured the flavor profiles were elevated for those who enjoy aged tequila.

Siembra Azul Añejo

SKU BC: 693499
SKU AB: 664763
Case configuration: 12x750mL

A commanding, mature spirit, the Añejo is rested for about 18 months in white oak "medium toast" barrels that come from the Ozarks in Missouri. This is an elegant and robust spirit featuring a subtle yet complex flavor profile with notes of cinnamon, tobacco, raspberries, black olives, vanilla, coconut and butterscotch. The spirit offers a prolonged finish, and is best enjoyed neat in a Glencairn glass or large snifter.

Siembra Azul Suro Extra Añejo

SKU: 647479
Case configuration: 6x750mL

This limited edition of Siembra Azul Suro Extra Añejo is rested patiently for five years in proprietary American white oak barrels. You will notice subtle presence of herbs and spices with a hint of floral accents. Stray notes of fruit, especially apricot and citrus will be noticed on the palette. A well-balanced Extra Añejo with a velvety texture and intense reddish copper tones, it is best enjoyed in a Glencairn glass; the tapered mouth allows the nuances of this extraordinary Extra Añejo to truly come through.

Siembra Azul Elisa Extra Añejo

SKU: 565366
Case configuration: 6x750mL

The high proof (43.2% ABV), single barrel, limited edition Elisa Extra Añejo is aged for over six years, entirely in virgin American white oak sourced from the Ozark Mountains. A truly well thought out Extra Añejo that doesn't try to hide its glorious beginnings behind a ton of sweet oak. Bottled straight from barrels, the tasting profiles as well as alcohol content vary from barrel to barrel, with notes of honey, spice and fruit as a constant. Master Distiller Sergio Cruz samples and selects specific barrels to be designated as Elisa. The final product is a fine combination of agave and wood. An ultra well-balanced, mature, and complex example of agave's full aging potential to truly savor.

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