Arette Tequila

Arette Tequila Arette is part of the family of Tequila Orendain - the largest family-owned and operated tequila company in Mexico – founded by Don Eduardo Orendain Gonzalez in 1900. Master distillers Eduardo and Jaime Orendain Gonzalez, grandsons of Don Eduardo and brothers of Marcela Orendain (producer of Gran Orendain and Ollitas), are the fifth generation producing tequila at El Llano. Eduardo is also a former Mayor of the town of Tequila and is current president of the National Chamber for the Tequila Industry (CNIT). Arette's distillery, El Llano, operates in the original building and grounds where the Orendain family began producing tequila in 1900. El Llano was rebuilt in 1978 – today's Arette Tequila was created in 1986. The distillery is located in the old historical centre of the town of Tequila & is the third oldest distillery in town. Arette Tequila is only made from 100% estate-grown (family-owned and farmed) blue agave. The Orendain brothers have always prioritized quality over quantity - they follow their grandfather's footsteps by preserving the original artisanal practices and continue the Orendain family legacy. Arette is named after a famous horse that won the gold medal in the 1948 London Olympics in Equestrian Jumping. Ridden by General Humberto Mariles, together they became the only double gold medal winners in this discipline. Rumour has it that General Mariles saved himself from the threat of getting shot for insubordination by winning gold in the Olympics!

Arette also produces an ultra-premium lineup called Arette Suave at 120-year old Destileria El Llano. Arette Suave differs from Arette Classic by fermentation in permeable masonry tanks recessed into the ground, serving to soften the alcohols with cooler and longer fermentation. They also cut more of the heads and tails during distillation, leaving only the beautiful core of the heart of distillation for bottling. Finally, they age the Blanco in stainless steel tanks before bottling, and starting with Suave Blanco, they age Reposado, Añejo, and Gran Clase longer in American oak than Arette Classic. Arette Suave is truly for the aficionado.

Arette Tequila Blanco

SKU: BC 662965 / AB 793376
Case configuration: 12x750mL

After slow-cooking in our steam ovens, Arette Blanco is slow-fermented naturally in open-air stainless steel and double-distilled in stainless steel pot stills. Aromas of baked agave, floral, and honey notes with a hint of black pepper. Traditional valley/lowland characteristics of minerality, citrus, salt, and herbaceousness. Opening flavour is robust and then becomes clean and crisp, complementing a variety of foods like whitefish, shellfish, greens, and beyond. Serve neat, slightly chilled if you wish, or in an epic margarita with fresh lime juice.

Awards: 2016 Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Gold Medal; 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Silver Medal; 2014 Agave Spirits Awards (Europe) - Best in Show


Arette Tequila Reposado

SKU: BC 140839 / AB 793377
Case configuration: 12x750mL

To create Arette Reposado, we rest our Arette Blanco in former Woodford Reserve barrels for 5-6 months. Golden in colour with citrus, honey, flowers, and peppery aromas. Notes of earthy agave with a floral and vanilla finish. A Tequila Valley tequila with a nice floral touch.

Awards: 2014 Agave Spirits Awards (Europe) - Best in Show


Arette Tequila Añejo

SKU: 793378
Case configuration: 12x750mL

Our elegant Arette Añejo is aged in ex Woodford Reserve barrels for 12-14 months and retains much of the original Lowlands agave character of our Blanco. Flowery aromas of violets on the nose, along with lemon and orange zest blending with elements of mint and raw agave. Opens soft and sweetly on the palate with orange and hints of oak, with a nice long finish with black pepper and citrus.

Awards: 2014 Agave Spirits Awards (Europe) - Best in Show


Arette Suave Tequila Blanco

SKU: BC 140825 / AB 793379
Case configuration: 6x750mL

Aged in stainless steel tanks for 6 months before bottling, yielding a smooth and elegant sipping blanco. Delicately balanced aromas of agave, herbs, citrus, flowers and licorice. On the palate, a smooth entry, followed by herbs and honey and a lingering finish.

Awards: 2016 Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Gold Medal; 2014 Agave Spirits Awards (Europe) - Best in Show


Arette Suave Tequila Reposado

SKU: BC 140828 / AB 793381
Case configuration: 6x750mL

Arette Suave Reposado starts with our Arette Suave Blanco, and we age it for 10 months in ex Four Roses barrels. Pale golden with citrus, grass, mint, flowers, and traces of oak on the nose. Opens softly on the palate, relatively dry with citrus notes and a slightly spicy finish. An excellent example of balance between agave and barrel!


Arette Suave Tequila Añejo

SKU: BC 140994 / AB 793382
Case configuration: 6x750mL

Aged in ex Four Roses for a mínimum of 20 months, our Arette Suave Añejo is pale amber brown in colour. On the nose, it’s citrus scented with hints of dried grass and exotic fruits. On the palate, almonds, walnuts and vanilla lead to a distinctive finish with hints of black pepper. A very smooth, elegant, and complex Añejo!


Arette Tequila Gran Clase Extra Añejo

SKU: 793383
Case configuration: 6x750mL

Our magnum opus, Arette Gran Clase, is aged in a single ex-bourbon barrel for more than 48 months and bottled without blending as a single-cask expression. Each bottle is hand-numbered at the distillery by the master distilers.The hue is dark amber, with notes of peach, citrus, vanilla, and coffee. It opens with almond and chocolate in the mouth and ends with an exquisite finish of caramel, wood, and vanilla. Perfectly balanced to satisfy the most discriminating palates.

Awards: 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Silver Medal; 2014 Agave Spirits Awards (Europe) - Best in Show


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