Cenizo Colonial Mezcal

Cenizo Colonial Mezcal Cenizo Colonial is the single village concept from Germán Gutierrez and his family, starting with one from their own historic Hacienda Dolores in Durango City, dating from the 17th Century, and another from producer Enrique de la Cruz in San Miguel Temoaya. Further products will be added from different villages and towns throughout Durango with a focus showcasing terroir differences on Agave duranguensis.
Cenizo Colonial is produced entirely from wild harvested agaves, however, with an eye toward a sustainable future, these producers have been planting 50,000 new agave cenizos every year since 2012 and letting nature take its course. As such, starting around 2021-2024, expect Cenizo Colonial to be sourced from 100% organic, semi-wild agaves. Both of these fine mezcals are wonderful as easy-to-drink, palate-friendly sippers or in cocktails, and both are great values for price!


Cenizo Colonial Mezcal Hacienda Dolores

SKU: BC 186104 / AB 812197
Case configuration: 6x750mL

100% Agave Cenizo (Agave duranguensis), 41% ABV.
The Gutierrez family produces this lighter Agave cenizo mezcal at their own historic Hacienda Dolores, and their agaves come from the hills of their own Rancho La Campana de Santa Elena in Mezquital. They roast using traditional underground volcanic rock fire-pit roasting methods, ferment in pine vats with bagazo (bagasse – meaning fermentation is with all juice and agave fiber together) using only wild yeast from the air, and distill with bagazo using copper and stainless steel pot stills similar to those used in Oaxacan mezcal production. All spent agave bagazo are turned into 100% organic fertilizer to feed the next generation of agaves. Notes of smoked meat and barbecued ripe, fleshy fruit, mesquite, light hints of pepper and dried herbs on the finish.


Cenizo Colonial Mezcal Temoaya

SKU: BC 186095 / AB 812198
Case configuration: 6x750mL

100% Agave Cenizo (Agave duranguensis), 43% ABV.
Enrique de la Cruz produces this exceptional mezcal in San Miguel Temoaya, where they roast in an underground wood-fired earthen oven, ferment with only wild yeast in wooden “coffins” recessed into the ground with agave bagazo added, crush by hand using machetes, and distill with bagazo in the traditional alembique viejo of Durango. This is a “Filipino”-style still similar to the clay pot stills of Oaxaca – except that holding the liquid is a copper base vessel recessed into the mud-brick hearth over a fire, and the upper montera is an upside down cone made of wooden staves held together by metal rings (like a conical wooden barrel open at the large bottom end and closed with a barrel end at the top), with the liquid mezcal flowing out through a hollow log (called a “reed” by some) into a condenser tank with a copper coil. The wooden cone is a evolutionary replacement for the even older stills made, fascinatingly, from a hollowed-out tree trunk!!! Fruity, candy-like with notes of earthiness, chile pepper , oregano and epazote, and the lightest hints of smoke on the finish.


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