Tapatio Tequila

Tapatio Tequila The Camarena family of distillers has been producing tequila for 3 generations at La Alteña distillery in the Highlands (Los Altos) of Jalisco. La Alteña was founded by Don Felipe Camarena Hernández in July 7, 1937, and in 1940 began selling tequila 100% Blue agave with the brand name “Tapatío” – meaning a person from Jalisco. Distilled exclusively from agaves grown on Master Distiller Carlos Camarena's family estates, this tequila has been a cult favorite in Mexico for more than 75 years but is new to Canada. Uniquely, it is distilled to just above its final bottling proof, rather than being distilled to a higher proof and then diluted with water. It’s cooked for an astounding four days in brick ovens, fermented with cooked agave fiber with a yeast culture that dates back 82 years to the founding of the distillery, crushed using both tahona and mechanical roller, and is distilled in antique copper pot stills. One of the true legacies of the tequila world and an aficionado favourite.


Tapatio Tequila Blanco

SKU: BC 176001 / AB 811758
Case configuration: 12x750mL

This tequila offers a bright crystal color with silver tones, nice bodied. On the nose, the first impression is herbal with hints of mint and anise, followed by white pepper and spices (cinnamon and clove); mild citrus notes. If allowed to breathe in the glass, apple and floral notes appear. On the palate, notes of cooked Agave, mint, pepper, with a residual sweetness (white chocolate) and slightly herbaceous. Presents a long final, spicy and sweet at the same time. Very complex and rounded.

Awards: 2018 Beverage Tasting Institute – 96 points; 2014 Drink Me Magazine – Tequila of the Year; 2014 Bartender’s Best Awards – Best Tequila; Distiller.com – 90 points; Diffords’ Guide – 5 stars

Tapatio Tequila Blanco 110

SKU: BC 213160 / AB 815941
Case configuration: 12x750mL

Tapatio Blanco 110 is bottled at 55% ABV, the maximum allowed by law for tequila. It’s specially designed to be used in cocktails, as its intense aromas and flavors remain – not getting masked by the high alcohol. However, it is very gentle on the palate and can still be sipped and savored neat or on the rocks. It offers a bright crystal color with intense silvery tones, with so much body that the essential oils literally hang from the glass. Despite its alcoholic content, its aromas are well defined, with sweet and savoury peppers - roasted capsicum and non-spicy padrón. There is spiciness, but it comes from white pepper, the traditional agave hit, and is balanced by an underlying sweetness, which is almost white chocolate-like. Thick and oily on the palate, with a spicy kick to start – black pepper and chile. With that comes sweet, roasted agave, cinnamon toast (with singed edges) and a surprisingly rich grape and sultana fruitiness. On the finish, the peppers from the nose return, turning from sweet to dry. A big, rich and surprisingly complex spirit, especially considering that it is fresh from the still. The extra strength over the blanco allows the flavours to sing.

Tapatio Tequila Reposado

SKU: BC 175995 / AB 811759
Case configuration: 12x750mL

Tapatio Reposado starts with our epic blanco, and then we age 4-6 months in American white oak barrels, previously used in aging Bourbon. In appearance, a pale straw yellow color; luminous, with golden and slightly greenish tones. Medium body with nice legs. Aromas are fruity, intense cooked Agave, apple, pear, vanilla and caramel, slightly smoky. White pepper comes in a subtle form. Allowed to breath it becomes creamy with hints of butter. Spices such as clove and sandalwood. On the palate, the sweetness of the cooked Agave flavors predominate; herbal, pepper, slightly smoked with notes of caramel, cocoa, vanilla and nuts (walnut, peanut, hazelnut). A very soft & smooth, yet spicy finish. A very well balanced tequila between the spicy and the sweet flavors. Perfect for a Margarita cocktail, but also to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

Awards: 2013 Lake Tahoe Food & Wine – Gold Medal, Judge’s Choice; Distiller.com – 88 points; Diffords’ Guide – 4.5 stars

Tapatio Tequila Añejo

SKU: BC 175982 / AB 811760
Case configuration: 12x750mL

We age Tapatio Anejo for 18 months in American white oak barrels, previously used in ageing whisky. This beautiful tequila gives an intense straw yellow color, slightly amber with golden flashes. Medium-bodied. Aromas are of sweet cooked agave, crème Brulée, vanilla and caramel that give way to subtle aromas of cinnamon, red pepper and spices. On the pallet, sweet and spicy, with cooked Agave, cocoa and vanilla combined with pepper, walnut and some berries. Vegetal and woody notes. A soft, silky and very long finish with spices persisting in the back of the palate. A perfectly balanced tequila; is recommended neat or in the rocks to appreciate its complexity of flavors, but also mixes very well.

Awards: Distiller.com – 90 points; Diffords’ Guide – 5+ stars

Tapatio Tequila Excelencia Gran Reserva Extra Añejo

SKU: BC 213190 / AB 815940
Case configuration: 12x750mL

Tapatio Excelencia is aged for four years in first use heavy char American white oak barrels – and is the masterpiece of Carlos Camarena. Mahogany in color, dark amber with reddish tones. Great body and clear presence of essential oils, which hang from the glass. On the nose, there is a large concentration of vanilla, maple, caramel and apple, which perfectly complement the intense cooked agave, roasted peppers, cinnamon and spice aromas. If allowed to breath, it releases aromas of baked bread, sweet pea and delicate floral notes. On the palate, a fabulous intensity of flavor with all the aromatic elements perfectly delineated: intense cooked agave, cake, spices, brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla and caramel, nuts and light spices, all of which are assembled into a sumptuous whole, with the creamy taste of oak. A warm, rich, quite intricate and incredibly long finish. Wave after wave of flavors perfectly intermingled and quite complex. A complex and ever-changing spirit that rewards time in the glass with a huge array of flavours. This is a tequila to enjoy neat, that dispels myths and sits alongside the finest aged spirits in the world.

Awards: Distiller.com – 97 points

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